Member Speak



Serving with patience and dedication

My mother Ms T. Ganguli had to visit R.N Tagore hospital for consulting doctors and for medical tests. On 8 th April she had to go for a Sigmoidoscopy. MCA Mr T. Sardar accompanied her to the Hospital. He was very caring and did a very good job. He picked her up from home at 8 a.m. and dropped her back at 5.30 p.m. He did 10 hours of duty, and throughout that period took care of my mother very patiently. He had to go at times to buy medicines or tea as required and had to run from one counter to another to find out about doctors and collect information for the tests. He didn’t even sit down for a moment. As my mother couldn’t have lunch because of her medical test, he too didn’t have his lunch. My mother is very impressed with his work. I acknowledge the good work done by him.

Mr N. Ganguli ,USA

I am overwhelmed

In the middle of January 22, my father Mr B. K. Basu fell ill and required immediate hospitalisation. As I was at Durgapur, I informed Support Elders & they instantly arranged for an ambulance & admitted him to a pre-decided Hospital, all within 20 minutes. Thereafter all coordination with the hospital, doctor consultation & giving me regular feedback was done by the Support Elders team. At the same time, they took care of my ailing mother who was staying alone at my residence. I am overwhelmed by the quality of service provided by them. I appreciate this dedication, sincerity & courtesy shown by the Support Elders team. My gratitude to Sri M. K. Poddar & his team members specially MCA Mr A. K. Pal.

Mr Sanjay Basu, Durgapur

Taking care-just like a family member

I am grateful and thankful for the help and sincere cooperation received from RC Mr G. Pradhan, MCAs Mr S. Chatterjee and Mr S. Mandal of Support Elders, Durgapur region, during an extremely sorrowful moment of my family. They have been with my parents, Mr N. Chakraborty and Ms C. Chakraborty ever since, and have provided them care and continuous support for the completion of their essential works. They have regularly kept checking on them through phone calls, taken them for doctor’s visits, bought their groceries, paid their bills, took them for haircuts and even got them vaccinated. I stay far off in Dubai, but due to their uninterrupted and continuous support to my parents who are old, I can stay relaxed. I am immensely grateful to them because they go beyond their call of duty, to take care of my parents, just like a family member would. I will definitely recommend Support Elders, as it is a trustworthy organisation, to people staying abroad, who constantly worry about their parents’ well-being, back home. These people are always there to take care of old people with empathy and provide support in all emergency and needful situations.

Ms Nandita Chakraborty,Dubai

Compassionate and responsible behaviour

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Support Elders team for their support, help and care provided to my mother, Ms A. Biswas all throughout my stay in Canada.

I would specifically like to mention that MCA Mr N. Saha who is associated with my mother for member care, has been very efficient in his duty, and his service is worth appreciating. He had gone into every detail, and taken care of all necessities, no matter how busy his schedule had been. I have not seen this kind of selflessness and dedication in recent times. My parents have been members of Support Elders since 2018 and their services have been truly commendable, but Mr. N Saha has added a different angle to the services for the elderly with his compassionate nature and responsible behaviour. I hope that the team will keep considering our requirements in future as well, and will continue employing very able staff who will provide their service empathetically to the elderly, keeping in mind the helplessness that comes from old age.

Ms A. Biswas,Canada